The GF-HiLo Swivel Brackets enable a fluid change of camera position from high to low or underslung to overslung within seconds.
The speed clamps have an automatic engage and disengage locking mechanism. ​ When released, the bracket can be rotated and fixed at each 10° angle. Both brackets have 2 female Euro-mounts for fitting an extension tube or Euro-adapter.
GF-HiLo Swivel with GF-Combi-rig tube on GF-Primo Dolly


The GF-Combi-rig utilizes the diameter of the standard Euro-adapter (80 mm) to enable a combination of tubes and off-set mounts for multitude of solid rigging options.
GF-Combi Rig on the Grip Kit Dolly as a high rig
GF-Combi Rig on the GF-Primo Dolly as a low rig
The GF-3D Combi Rig is a solution for providing a stable mount for large camera packages and 3D Rigs on a centre post dolly. 
The 80 mm diameter tubes from the standard GF-Combi Rig can be used in combination with the new »double tube« top and bottom mounts. ​On the top mount the corresponding counterweight can be attached to the counterweight rod. The bottom mount has a Euro-adapter that allows for lateral adjustments and accommodates off-set ball adapters as well as off-set 3 and 4 way levellers.


The GF-Offset Rig is a classic, solid, off-set arm with Euro mount. It is adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical axis. The front mount accepts Euro-adapter and Combi-rig tubes.