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GF-Low Rocker Set (incl. Transport Case)
  • GF-Low Rocker Set (incl. Transport Case)

    SKU: AL-2190

    The GF-Low Rocker provides, on the one hand stable, low level, camera pan and tilt movements. On the other hand, it is a very solid camera mount for securing the camera in fixed positions (e. g. on a camera car).

      • 360° panning
      • 45° tilt
      • Height: 12 cm / 5"
      • Weight: 6.3 kg / 14 lbs
      • Extremely solid pan and tilt locks
      • Left and righthand handle positions
      • 3 way levelling base
      • Low Rocker (AL-2191)
      • Base plate (AL-2192)
      • Mitchell Mount (AL-2193)
      • Euro Adapter Mount (AL-2194)
      • 3 x levelling bolt (M10) (AL-1504)
      • 3 x pad for levelling bolt (M10) (AL-1521)
      • Transport case (K-1515)
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