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GF-Tube Dolly Set (incl. Transport case)
  • GF-Tube Dolly Set (incl. Transport case)

    SKU: AL-2600S

    The GF-TUBE DOLLY is our smooth and solid tracking system — compactly designed to fit into your hand luggage and carry-ons.


    The GF-TUBE DOLLY features a centre plate equipped with four removable skateboard wheels, a 3/8" hole pattern as well as an underslung adapter kit. It accepts all existing GFM adapters (e.g. Mitchell plates or Bowl mounts).

    The end bracket system is based on the same concept as our GF-Slider end mounts, which allows for seamless connection to a multitude of accessories. The clamps accept tube diameters from 42 to 51 mm.

      • Center plate with 3/8" cheese plate pattern
      • 4x removable skateboard wheel units
      • 2x end bracket with tube clamp
      • 2x riser
      • 2x AL-2407 Light Stand adapter (28mm) 
      • 1x full brake
      • Explorer case
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